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Who can do Capoeira?

Anyone can practice Capoeira. As with anything, it takes time and dedication to improve any skill that you wish to develop. Capoeira Orlando welcomes students of all skill levels, cultural background, age and body type to train together to develop a mutual respect and community bond.


Capoeira is a martial art developed in Brazil by African slaves more than 400 years ago. It's an intoxicating and fast-paced blend of self-defense, music and fluid movement. No matter your age, background, or skill level there is something for everyone at Capoeira Orlando! 


We have seen Capoeira change the lives of our students. Contact us today or stop by to sign up for our Trial Program and see why our students say this is the best work out they have ever had!

To read more on how Capoeira can benefit you individually click on the link to the left that most suites your age group

Experiencing Bahia and the origin of capoeira, and seeing where my own roots grow from, was an invaluable experience. The history and culture is not something you can be told about and truly understand--you have to make the homage, live with the people, play their game, feel their axé.